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    A mini volume loading test for indication of preoperative dehydration in surgical patients. Medicina Kaunas Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika, Comparative anatomical study of standard percutaneous and modified medialised percutaneous Parinktys popov svetain type repair for artificial Achilles tendon rupture: positive effect of medialisation of the stitches with lower risk of sural nerve injury.

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    Folia morphologica, Osteoarthritis and cartilage, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, A mini volume loading test mVLT using 2. Medicina Kaunas.

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    Surgical treatment of the adductor longus muscle's distal tendon total rupture in a soccer player. Biomechanical comparison on the coracoclavicular space fixation using three different suture techniques.

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    Non-anatomic fixation for longstanding traumatic pubic diastasis using a bone graft: A report of two cases. Chinese Journal of Traumatology. How the changes in the system affect trauma care provision: The assessment of and implications for Lithuanian trauma service performance in — Biomechanical evaluation of native acromioclavicular joint ligaments and two reconstruction techniques in the presence of the sternoclavicular joint: A cadaver study.

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    Journal of orthopaedic surgery. Randomized control study. Foot and Ankle Surgery.

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