What is the fork?

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Bitcoin Hardforks what is it? What is the fork?

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The Bitcoin network has gone through a lot of forks since the advent of this cryptocurrency in These forks were supposed to help developers to solve problems such as scalability, low capacity of TPS transaction per secondlimited block size, and in general to facilitate the Bitcoin network overload.

With bitcoin being an open source software, any user on the network can copy, modify, and introduce their own rules in the code.

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Thus, any user may create new protocols and chains that are considered to be forks, namely soft or hardforks of the network. Softfork is a reversible change in the blockchain protocol that does not prevent the nodes of a new chain from communicating with the nodes of the old chain.

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The best softfork example is Segregated Witness or SegWit. Network users have activated this softfork in August in order to tinklo perkrovos bitkoinų blokų grandinė the structure of block transactions so that they would occupy less memory space.

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The softfork allowed for blocks to hold more information without changing the work of the Bitcoin network. Hardfork is a new network chain that is formed when the new rules become incompatible with the old blockchain protocol. With the help of hardforks, network users try to solve key problems of the Bitcoin network such as low network bandwidth that allows to process up to seven transactions per second and limited block size that, according to many, should hold more than 1 MB of data.

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Hardforks also allow users to create new cryptocurrencies, as the alternatives to bitcoin. Past hardforks results Bitcoin XT is the first Bitcoin network hardfork, which was held in August of The hardfork, which is based on the source code of Bitcoin Core, was supposed to increase the block size to 8 MB, thereby increasing the network bandwidth up to 24 transactions per second, but cryptocurrency did not gain the necessary support from the mining community.

In this regard, one of the main developers Mike Hearn sold his cryptocurrencies and left the project in As a result, only 20 nodes were left from the original 4, units, which made the network unavailable at that moment. Bitcoin Unlimited hardfork was launched to change the block size in Maywhen miners were proposed to choose the size of the future network block. According to miners, expanding the size of the block will not only eliminate the queue but also improve their profitability by increasing the total commission fees in the block.

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But hardforks critics, most of whom were developers, noted that this strategy could increase the possibility that large centralized pools of miners would begin to manipulate the network development. This meant that miners with limited hardware capabilities would not be able to participate effectively in the development of the network and in the long run would be completely superseded.

Thus, the network would become centralized in several pools. Bitcoin Classic project was launched to address the Bitcoin network scalability problems, which had not been solved by the Bitcoin XT hardfork.


The goal of the project was to increase the block size to 2 MB and tinklo perkrovos bitkoinų blokų grandinė to 4 MB. But this hardfork did not gain the necessary support of the crypto community. In November it was announced that the project dc dvejetainių parinkčių rodiklis shutting down after SegWit2X had been canceled and developers of the project had openly supported Bitcoin Cash, the new cryptocurrency.

As a result of a forced hardfork protocol, Bitcoin Cash appeared on the blockon 1 August.

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As part of the fork, the block size increased from 1 MB to 8 MB, and this, in turn, increased the network capacity and reduced transaction fees.

After hardfork, Bitcoin holders had an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash in their e-wallets.

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The new network has provided a mechanism that protects from concurrent transactions in two blockchains. The goal of the project is to become a more attractive currency for the non-professional miners than the original bitcoin. This algorithm is more sensitive to the size of random access memory RAM and is also used when mining cryptocurrency Zcash. Bitcoin Diamond is the hardfork, which happened at the end of November on the blockBitcoin Diamond miners create blocks on a new algorithm of proof of work PoW.

Also, this cryptocurrency tinklo perkrovos bitkoinų blokų grandinė from the very first one by the ten times increase in volume of emissions uždarbis internete bitkoinais block size of 8 MB. Developers believe that this hardfork is intended to solve such problems as lack of privacy protection, slow transaction confirmation, and high threshold for new participants to enter the network.

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To create Bitcoin Diamond mining network, e-wallet, nodes code, and API, as well as to add open source code on GitHub is planned by the end of the year. Super Bitcoin, a new cryptocurrency, appeared on 12 December, as the result of the division in the Bitcoin network on the blockThe hardfork provides the unit increase up to 8 MB.

The network uses a technology Lightning Tinklo perkrovos bitkoinų blokų grandinė that will allow conducting an unlimited number of micropayments.

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Moreover, Super Bitcoin network is running smart contracts. Developers note, however, that the fork is intended to realize the crypto community desires and it is rather an experiment. Future Lightning Bitcoin — the network division will presumably happen 23rd of December on the blockThe developers of the new network want to combine the best qualities of bitcoin and ethereum.

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Thus, the Lightning Network technology will also be used in the new network for carrying out micropayments and the new Tinklo perkrovos bitkoinų blokų grandinė Proof of Delegated Stake mechanism will be applied for consensus. To increase the unit up to 2 MB, which will increase transaction speed and it is expected that the network will support smart contracts.

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The network will also have an increased speed of new block creation which will take up to 3 seconds. While hardfork does not support SegWit, it provides protection from repeated transactions. However, it is worth noting that despite the approaching launch date, the project has still to set up a working website.

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Bitcoin God hardfork, initiated by the Chinese cryptocurrency investor Chandler Guo, is to happen on the blockon 25 December. The businessman said that pre-mining would not occur, while the emission volume would amount to 21 million GOD.

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Several stock exchanges have already confirmed that they will work with the new cryptocurrency, which will be gifted to bitcoin holders at a ratio of one to one. Bitcoin Platinum was presented as a Bitcoin network hardfork, which was supposed to happen on the blockand create a new cryptocurrency.

However, as Cointelegraph reports, the hardfork is a scam created by a teenager from South Korea, and the currency itself is a full copy of the Bitcoin Cash code.

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The leading developer of blockchain in Sweetbridge, Bob Summerville believes that the forks are good because they allow members to decide how the network should develop: There have been years of fear, uncertainty, and doubt within the Bitcoin community about the Risk of hard forks. It is apparent to me that most of that noise has been coming from groups that favor coercion and censorship over free markets and the right to secede.

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Experimentation and competition are good. Let the market decide and participate where you see value.

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If a crypto community has irreconcilable differences, then you can go your separate ways, and that is just fine. You get a divorce and both move on with your lives, rather than living together in misery forever, constantly arguing. Instead of coming to an agreement, the community, developers, and code are fracturing into different groups.